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DNA Testing for Medication Effectiveness

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Charis is a GeneSight partner, offering this pharmacogenomic test that analyzes genetic variations to understand how different medications are processed by the body. It is an incredibly effective method for assessing which prescriptions for conditions like depression, anxiety, ADHD (and more) may be less likely to work, or require dosing adjustments.

Melanie Mullins

"GeneSight gives both the provider and the patient pertinent information pertaining to how the patient is likely to metabolize and respond to the majority of the most commonly prescribed psychiatric medications.  This allows for a more precise patient-specific decision-making process when selecting a medication to treat their psychiatric symptoms, with the end result being to find the best medication for each person more efficiently."

Melanie Mullins, MSN, APRN, PMHNP

GeneSight can improve outcomes for those who:

How does it work?

DNA Test Is Administered

Charis provides the test at both of our locations in Orlando, as well as an in-home kit. The simple cheek swab test takes only a minute for the client.

Sample Is Analyzed

The cheek swab test is received and the results are processed within about 2 business days.

Adjustments Are Made

Our Psych NP will go through the full report of genetic insights with you which may inform dosing or brand.

The cost of a GeneSight test is most always less than $330.

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